Basic Malaysian Sign Language Course (August Intake) / 马来西亚手语课程基础班(八月开课)

Basic Malaysian Sign Language course ~ August Intake

Join our class to learn sign language and at the same time doing good. Part of the course fee will used to provide free interpreting service to deaf senior citizens =)

There are 3 intakes. Please choose 1 of the intakes and email to for registration.

马来西亚手语课程基础班 ~ 八月开课

参与我们课程学手语的同时,也可以行善。部分的课程学费将用于提供聋人长者免费的翻译服务 =)

以下有三个开课日期。请选择其中一个开课日期,然后电邮至 报名。

SL Course_August Intake (Mon & Wed) SL Course_August Intake (Tue & Thurs) SL Course_August Intake (Sat)


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