Japanese Sign Language (JSL) & American Sign Language (ASL) Flashcard / 日本手语和美国手语闪卡

Finally it arrive!

Saw the Japanese Sign Language (JSL) and American Sign Language (ASL) flashcard on the DeafJapan website. So, we decided to buy to add on our collection for Sign Language around the world 🙂

Besides that, we also got a free gift – JSL & ASL postcard!

If you are interested to get the flashcard, check out this website: http://deafjapan.com/en/


在DeafJapan的网站看到了日本手语和美国手语的闪卡,所以决定买了收纳在我们的世界手语的珍藏中 🙂

除此之外,我们也得到赠品 – 日本手语和美国手语的明信片!



DeafJapan Flashcard


Guidebooks for Malaysian Sign Language (MySL) / 马来西亚手语的指南书

Guidebooks for Malaysian Sign Language (MySL)

You can get these books from the Malaysia Federation of the Deaf (MFD). It is a good reference book to learn about MySL =)

马来西亚手语 (MySL) 的指南书

你可以向马来西亚联邦聋人协会 (MFD) 购买这两本书。这是学马来西亚手语的入门参考书 =)

MySL Books