New Books For the Collection / 新书添加到珍藏中

Recently saw this 3 books (as pic below) on Amazon then decided to buy it.


After a month, these books finally arrived. Going to do some reading then share with you all about these books. =)

一个月后,这三本书终于到了。将会阅读这些书然后和大家分享书的内容 =)






Basic MySL Course October Intake / 马来西亚手语基础班十月开课

Basic Malaysian Sign Language course is going to start on October 5, 2013 (every Saturday).

Can email to or sms to 017-9433406 for inquiries and registration.


想要查询和报名,可以电邮至signlanguageforall@gmail.com或sms 017-9433406。


SL Course_October Intake (Sat)

Sharing Experience with Deaf Club YMCA Ipoh

On 19 May 2013, I was invited by the Deaf Club YMCA Ipoh to share with the members and their parents about my experience working with the Deaf community. The session went well. We touched on the topics of job, sign language, and the Sign Language interpreter service in Malaysia.

At the sharing session, I met many wonderful deaf people who are very eager to learn. They want a better future for the deaf community in Malaysia. The parents are very supportive to their children and the development of this community.

Let’s work together for a BETTER FUTURE of the deaf community in Malaysia!





(Photo credited to Phoon Kok Wai – Deaf Club YMCA Ipoh)

Japanese Sign Language (JSL) & American Sign Language (ASL) Flashcard / 日本手语和美国手语闪卡

Finally it arrive!

Saw the Japanese Sign Language (JSL) and American Sign Language (ASL) flashcard on the DeafJapan website. So, we decided to buy to add on our collection for Sign Language around the world 🙂

Besides that, we also got a free gift – JSL & ASL postcard!

If you are interested to get the flashcard, check out this website:


在DeafJapan的网站看到了日本手语和美国手语的闪卡,所以决定买了收纳在我们的世界手语的珍藏中 🙂

除此之外,我们也得到赠品 – 日本手语和美国手语的明信片!



DeafJapan Flashcard