New Books For the Collection / 新书添加到珍藏中

Recently saw this 3 books (as pic below) on Amazon then decided to buy it.


After a month, these books finally arrived. Going to do some reading then share with you all about these books. =)

一个月后,这三本书终于到了。将会阅读这些书然后和大家分享书的内容 =)






Guidebooks for Malaysian Sign Language (MySL) / 马来西亚手语的指南书

Guidebooks for Malaysian Sign Language (MySL)

You can get these books from the Malaysia Federation of the Deaf (MFD). It is a good reference book to learn about MySL =)

马来西亚手语 (MySL) 的指南书

你可以向马来西亚联邦聋人协会 (MFD) 购买这两本书。这是学马来西亚手语的入门参考书 =)

MySL Books